How To Throw A Great Party!

There is nothing better than throwing a party and getting together with friends and family. When we throw a party most of us will simply put together some food, drinks and let the music play in the background. For others, they want to put a little more effort into it and throw a party with a theme.

Themes are a great way to shake things up and put a little interest into an otherwise dull evening. One popular theme event that people are considering are foam party themes.

foam party themes

Here are some foam party tips to help get the most out of your next foam party plans.

1) Display a selection of accessories (foam hats, goggles, etc.). These can be purchased at most party supply stores or even on online retailers such as   You could also make them yourself using craft materials and basic sewing and gluing skills.  You could also simply buy some used hats from a vintage or thrift shop.   Either way, it is worth the effort to have some unique accessories for your guests.

2) Have plenty of towels and blankets in case you get wet.  Foam parties can be messy affairs and a few people may end up getting very watered down as the night progresses.  It is best to have some thick soft towels available that guests can use to wrap themselves up with if they feel too cold or get too wet.

3) Consider having a few bottles of champagne ready to go at the beginning of the party.  It is always a good idea to have a few bottles of bubbly for a party anyway but it is especially important to have some on hand if you plan to have an all foam party.  Many foam parties start with a champagne toast but others will let guests drink throughout the entire event so having a few bottles ready can be beneficial.

4) Make sure you have enough room. The last thing you want to do is have a house filled with suds and nowhere to go.