Great Activities For A Kids Birthday Party

A child’s birthday party is a great time for all involved – the younger the child the more fun the situation. When you have a house filled with kids for a party the parents really need to have planned the party well. If they don’t have activities to keep the kids occupied, then they will start to go nuts. One activity people are looking at is happy birthday cookie decorating kits – Color My Cookie.

Just imagine how much fun it would be to have the kids decorate their own birthday cookies. This is a great activity for everyone involved and when the kids are finished they can eat their unique creations. If you go with this type of party idea, then think about getting some of these kits that supply everything you need to have a great cookie.

Balloons and noise makers

This might sound like a good idea on the surface, but reality might be different. However, having balloons at the party can be a great way to play games and keep the kids occupied. You can have the kids color on the balloons with markers, use stickers and more. With noise makers you can blow to make a noise and the kids can hit or bounce the balloons around. This will encourage physical activity and give them something to do.


Gifts at a kids party can be fun as well. Depending on the age of the kids you can have small gift baskets or bags that kids can pick from. When you have small kids they might not understand why they are not getting gifts and toys. If you have these baskets and bags you can help incorporate everything and everybody.

Having fun

happy birthday cookie decorating kits - Color My Cookie

No matter what you do for your parties, make sure that you put the kids first. The more enjoyable the party for your guests, the greater success your parties will be.