COVID-Friendly Activities in South Hadley

Even as vaccinations become available and some cities have begun to relax coronavirus restrictions around the country, it is perfectly acceptable for some folks (especially those most at risk or who have not yet gotten vaccinated) to want to find some COVID-friendly activities they can do. Summer is a time for families to be spending time together, but what is there to do?

There are actually plenty of things open in South Hadley that families can enjoy that allow for opportunities for social distancing and outdoor settings. Here are a few examples of the best activities you will find in the local area if you are looking to exercise coronavirus precautions.

Check out The Lady Bea.

Looking to get out on the water and take a sort of cruise with your family after the stress of the last year? You might be glad to know that The Lady Bea is open and running private charters, making this a great and exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to enjoy a COVID-friendly activity.

You will want to make sure you try to plan it ahead of time as space on The Lady Bea is very limited due to COVID precautions.

Grab a bite at Johnny’s Bar and Grille.

open in South Hadley

Johnny’s Bar and Grille is a loved restaurant in the area, and they are also one of the businesses that are open and taking coronavirus measures to keep their staff and customers safe as possible. You will find all kinds of delicious American classics here, and you can also enjoy the benefits of ordering online picking up your food through curbside delivery, so you can keep social distancing measures in mind.

Head outdoors for some fun!

The best way to stay clear of the coronavirus is to practice social distancing. Spending time outdoors makes this a lot simpler, and allows you to take in some nature at the same time. Consider visiting places like Buttery Brook Park, Beachgrounds Park, or the Ted Belsky Overlook to have a good time outdoors.

Enjoying time in South Hadley can be simple while still taking measures to be safe. The pandemic isn’t entirely over yet, but with proper precautions, you can still enjoy some time with those closest to you without worrying about it too much.