Exotic Dancing From the Past to Today

history of strip clubs

For millennia, believe it or not, the concept of exotic dancing has been around, allowing beautiful women to show off their bodies and tease the men around them. In fact, some of the very first exotic dances can be traced back to Bible times. If you have ever been interested in the history of strip clubs, think about how exotic dancing has evolved from the past all the way up to the present day.

Exotic Dancing in the Past

Exotic dancing is nothing new – in fact, some archaeologists have even discovered small statues of exotic dancers in the regions of Romania and Bulgaria. These are estimated to go all the way back to the Neolithic Era, which would place them somewhere in the neighborhood of 9000 years old!

As time went on, the notion of exotic dancing did not go away. In fact, in the Roman and Greek empires, exotic dances were commonly performed in temples by the priestesses. A good deal of artwork dating back to this period of time can be found as well – depicting the dancers removing layers of clothing during their dance – a routine commonly known today as stripping.

The 14th century brought new forms of dance with it, and in the art of belly dancing, not a single article of clothing is taken off, but the sensual nature and the movements in the dances were enough to get men to pay for these dances. This didn’t change as time went on, and the art of this kind of dance spread throughout the world.

Exotic Dancing Today

Exotic dancing has only continued to grow in popularity, with a lot of people hitting gentleman’s clubs every day to see beautiful women dance to their hearts’ content. From Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between, you can find some quality dancers and beautiful women to entertain you at clubs everywhere.

The art of exotic dancing is not going anywhere anytime soon – after all, there’s nothing wrong with letting loose, having some fun, and being proud of showing off your body every now and then. If it sounds like a good time to you, head to a club near you, grab your favorite drink, and have a great time watching some beautiful women strut their stuff on stage.