How to Show Dad You Love Him This Year

We celebrate dads one time per year, but as awesome of a man as he is, don’t you think that it should be a little more often? While you likely had a ton of fun ideas for Father’s Day 2021, you can find many other ways to celebrate the guy that gave you life throughout the year, such as the ideas listed below.


fun ideas for Father

A dinner at a nice restaurant is a great way to catch up with dad and what’s going on in his world. Choose a place that he loves, make reservations, and let the good times roll. Consider heading out to a bar after dinner.

Stop by for a Visit

The little things sometimes mean the most. That is why dad will appreciate visits from you more than anything in the world. Even if you stop by for just a short while, make sure you pop in often and let dad know how much you love him.

Go Fishing

It’s a dad thing and if you want to make him happy, you will go along for a day on the lake with him. Chances are you will have just as much fun as dad. Grab the poles and camera and it can be one of the most fun and exciting days you spend with the old man.

Dad may not like doing things like shopping but he can certainly be lots of fun in other ways!

Send a Card

You can send a card by mail to keep things personal or if you prefer to do things the simple way, send him a digital card instead. A nice, sentimental or even funny card can be all the love dad needs to have a great day.