Career Options For Communications Majors

Choosing to major in communications has a variety of career options outside of journalism and media production. Students studying this field will find that after graduation, their degree will make them a highly sought-after candidate for job positions earning over six figures a year. If you are majoring in communications, consider the following career choices as alternatives to the traditional entry-level journalism or writing jobs. 


If you have or are in the process of obtaining your communications degree, then consider one of the many career options in the advertising industry, such as:

·    Advertising Coordinator

·    Advertising Planner

·    Advertising Executive

·    Market Research Analysis

These jobs all require the skills learned over the course of obtaining a communications degree, including organizing press releases, utilizing social media to market products, and understanding the ins and outs of various marketing strategies that will help a company reach its operational goals.


Communications and television go hand in hand. Often, those who have a communications degree go on to work in television and film production. However, working behind the scenes is only one option for communications majors.

In addition, students who have majored in communication can choose from numerous sports broadcasting careers which are very lucrative. A career in broadcasting can make you a famous tv personality as well.


If your passion lies in the financial sector and you have obtained your communications degree, there are also many high paying careers that you can get, such as:

·    Bank Research Analyst

·    Bank Manager

·    Stockbroker

All of these jobs require close attention to detail and the ability to communicate with multiple parties on a variety of topics. Some employers may require additional certifications in addition to your communications degree to be considered the ideal candidate for the position.